About us

We are a team highly qualified and experienced counsellors, and therapists, who’s aim is to offer an affordable, and accessible service across the ‘Western Bay’ area.

We live in an increasingly complex and stressful world and while the benefits of counselling and complementary therapies are well recognised, accessing these services can be difficult.

Waiting lists for NHS services are often very long, for many of us, fitting  appointments into our busy schedules can also be a challenge.

Our aim is to provide a service that is inclusive, and does not exclude those on a low income, the housebound, and others who may work long hours.

We do this by offering a sliding scale payment system, flexible appointment times, and home visits where necessary and practical.

We receive referrals from individuals (self referral) and other professionals such as GP’s, Employers, Social Services, and the Legal Professions.

We endeavour to provide a Best Value service that best meets the clients needs.

All our team members are mature, fully qualified, skilled, and insured.

We are  able to provide a first class confidential service.